Opossum Temple of Voodoo Pew

A friend of mine who reads this blog sent me the link to an article reflecting on a guy at the local trail. He's seen at a point on the trail I was unfamiliar with. When asked where that point was she said it was near a bridge I ran past every day. I mean every day for the last 2 1/2 years and never knew it was there. It's called the Opossum Temple of Voodoo Pew and there's a HUGE concrete red couch there to sit and look at the view (see photo). Wow! We walk, run or drive past jewels every day and don't know they're there. Amazing how that works out.

Well tonight I dropped by Opossum Temple of Voodoo Pew took a snapshot with the camera phone and marveled at the sunset where Barton Springs joins the Colorado River, otherwise known as Lady Bird Lake. It was the best run I've had in my life. Not because I found Opossum Temple of Voodoo Pew, although that contributed, but because of the feeling I had for the entire run. I was able to maintain a 7:21/minute pace for the entire five miles. This was a first. The temperature was 64 degrees which felt great. The legs felt great. The pace felt great. To have felt that run made the last two and a half years of training all worth it. Even more than the Half Ironman Triathlon or running a marathon. This is what I was shooting for when I got off the couch and first went for a jog. To feel good while running at a good clip. Not as fast as the elite runners but as fast as I wanted to achieve at age 46. Hell yeah, it was all worth it.

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At 12/05/2007 11:41 AM, Blogger pxl17 said...

WOW! A 7:21/minute pace! That's great! Congratulations!!!! What fantastic success you have had since your first event, the Milagro Margarita Run in 2005! Must also have something to do with Orange blood too, huh? BRAVO, Tony!!! :)

I'm glad you checked out the Voodoo Pew. It's a really nice spot on the lake with a wondeful view. A fun spot too. :)


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