Run Schedule

Click on the image to zoom in. The letter S represents a Speed workout, T = tempo, L = long, E = Easy and M stands for Miles. The speed and tempo workouts will vary as intervals, Fartlek, or other.

Compared to the last time I trained for a marathon, this schedule will get more 20+ mile runs under my belt by race day. It'll increase the amount of weekly miles by about 20. It'll incorporate weight training for strength, as well as speed work. Two additional changes will be a weekly soaking of the legs in Barton Springs to cool them down. I tried it out yesterday and outside of slipping on the algae, it was fabulous. My legs don't even feel like they went for a long run yesterday. I'll also be massaging them at least once a day and sometimes twice with my new powerful massager. And last but not least, I'll be stretching with yoga on a daily basis in the evening with core work in the mornings. The abs are in good shape but the lower back needs a lot of work.

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