Last Time Trial of the Season

It wasn't pretty but it was a PR, even if by two seconds. 22:27.6 or 21.4 mph for the last Run-Far cycling time trial of the year. Given a side stitch halfway through the course, I'll take the PR. At least this time the handlebars stayed on the bike. ;)

Check this out. "It's also possible that food itself may add to the diaphragm's distress. A meal of less digestible, fatty food before exercising will make the stomach heavier and increase the tugging on the diaphragm."

I guess a double dose of pop tarts and Red Bull fell into that category. I only did it to compensate for the three beers I had at the pub on the way home with some soccer friends, which I agree, was a total disrespect for the sport. I don't even like soccer.

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