Commute Solutions Month - September

Commute Solutions Month starts Sept. 9 but I got a jump on it this morning with a ride on Rode Saus to work. Other than riding it on the trainer, this is the first time I've taken it out since replacing the bottom bracket, the cranks and a few links on the chain. Of course it threw the chain four times in the first four miles but I eventually got the correct tension to the chain and the rest of the 15-mile commute was great. A couple of people actually let me have the right of way.

And yes, the beater bike has a new name. It's still Red Sauce, but instead of translated in Spanish, it's now Dutch, which is where my ancestors came from. So from now on or until I change my mind again, it's now know as Rode Saus.

I opened my blog this morning and noticed that my Google ad was for Accelerade. Happy Friday. Not only that, Accelerade is offering a 2-for-1 coupon on their premixed drinks. HEB, our local grocer has just started stocking the premixed drink on the shelves. Life is good on this Friday in Austin.

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