Lessons Learned from Austin Tri

Listening to a podcast yesterday morning reinforced an important point. Final results are not immediate. Incremental results can be. It may take ten years or 10,000 hours of training to get where we want to be or to become the best that we can be. And that's clean without EPO, testosterone or any other banned substances.

Given that pearl of wisdom, and checking in with my gurus post race, I've come away from the Austin Triathlon feeling better about the race. Namely,

  • The swim felt good until the cramp and was as fast as last year's sprint, which was half as long.
  • The bike time was faster than last year's sprint, which was half as long.
  • The run was as fast with half as much training.
  • Strength work increased power and removed any back pain from the bike ride.
  • Starting slow, finding a pace and finishing strong with a kick on all three legs of the race proved doable and felt good.
  • Intervals and hill work built strength.

Lessons Learned

  1. Gels without water upset my stomach or at least the brand or flavor I took did.
  2. I need to take all the tools I'll need with me.
  3. I preferred to drink my nutrients rather than use the Bento Box.
  4. Don't forget to pack the Body Glide. Ouch!
  5. More race pace work is needed.
  6. More flexibility work is needed.
  7. Mounting the bike with shoes in the clips needs more practice to insert feet while still pedaling.
  8. Padded bike shorts for any ride longer than eight miles is a must.Ouch!
  9. Get to race weight and get the calorie intake dialed in.
  10. I lost more electrolytes than I originally thought.
  11. Learn to suffer more.

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