Rode Saus and I are Back to Normal

I woke with a pain in the middle of my back this morning. It subsided as the day wore on. I decided to go look for another wheel and stopped at a few bike shops down the road from where I was hit on Friday. The first shop had nothing for less than $109. As Rode Saus's entire cost may be around $50, I thought a single wheel at $109 would've been excessive. I then stopped by Bicycle Sports Shop. The guy I spoke to about wheels took a look at Rode Saus rear wheel and said it might only need a truing for $12.00. Hah! And indeed that's all it needed was to be put onto the stand and adjusted. The guy who did it said the next time I'd need to get a new wheel. No problem. And to add to that, he didn't charge me a nickel.

I put the wheel back on Rode Saus and it's good as new. All headaches and back pain are gone as well.

On another note, the race athletes are competing today at Ironman Wisconsin. It looks like the weather is great this year for a triathlon.

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