I stepped outside for this morning's run and was very happy. The temperature was in the 60s with a slight breeze. it wasn't perfect as the humidity was still in the 80ish percent area, from yesterday's two-inch rain but it was the best we've had to run in since the spring.

With the lower temps my minutes-per-mile times dropped down into the 7:xx range at the same heart rate. That felt good to get back to those times.

And the best news of all is that I scored some brifters (shifter and brake combination) on eBay the other night. It happened as all the other auctions I've won. I put in a bid and left it alone, not looking at it, not checking the email alerts, nothing. I then came back to find I'd won the auction without all the stress of refreshing the page and the anxiety that goes along with that routine or the stress from not winning the auction. I lost two auctions before it, earlier in the day, by ONE DOLLAR.

Anyway, the brifters are in the mail so I'll have the last piece to put the new roadie together and take it for a spin. Just in time for some long fall rides.

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