Bike Tuning, Wetsuit Acquired

I've tuned the Bianchi as much as I can, given the hubs need to be trashed and some enclosed hubs purchased. The brakes can't be adjusted anymore with the slight wobble of the wheels. I'll just have to ride it as is until I can get some new ones.

The good news is I finally got a wetsuit for the CapTexTri on May 29. Now all that's left, outside of the Bianchi hub issue, is putting in the miles between now and May 29. Well, there is the issue of diet again. I was doing so good and then binged on mushrrom burgers, beer, sausage, and brownies. My weight increased three pounds last week. I'll have to focus on the calories a little better.

The 70-minute sessions planned for last week worked well. I did have one extra day off that wasn't planned and used the time to work on the bike and the truck. Sometimes having the truck go in reverese is more important than an LSD run or swim. Hopefully this week it'll be four days of 70-minute sessions and two days long.


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