First Outdoor Long Ride of the Season

My plan was to take the improved Bianchi to the veloway this afternoon. However, lately plans seem to change. Yesterday, a trip to the Bowie High School track proved unsuccessful as the field and track were packed with soccer players and families. Today, the veloway was reserved for a fund raiser of some sort. Luckily, the veloway sits at the southwest part of Austin which allows riders to take off on a wide emergency lanes of Mopac. Round trip down mopac covered 8.96 miles or 14.42 KM.

I thought about halfway through the ride that I should have ridden closer to home after adjusting the brakes and handlebar so much. Too late. All of the adjustments worked out ok. The new time trial handlebar worked out great, as did the new seat. All is well on the Bianchi.

I tried to keep the same aerobic workout for cycling as I did for running. Long distance with a low heart rate. Nine miles isn't that long of a distance but it worked for the first outdoor ride of the season. It was definitely more difficult to keep the heart rate down on the Bianchi, compared to riding the recumbent at the gym. Average heart rate for the 45-minute ride came in at 142. I averaged 24km/hr and maxed at 42km/hr.

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