First Swim of the Season

After Freescale, I've was wanting to take in the first swim of the season to see how far I'd dropped from last years efforts. The healthclub I go to has an indoor pool but it's a little short, some twenty meters. Friday, a co-worker, who's half fish, asked if I'd join him for a swim at Stacy Pool in Travis Heights. The last time I joined home for a swim at Deep Eddy, I lasted three laps of 100 meters.

I didn't have my goggles so we stopped at Austin TriCyclist. They had everything a triathlete could want, even a motion pool in the back to try out wetsuits. I have always preferred the mask over goggles but my friend handed me a pair of TYR Socket Rockets. I wasn't sure, as the TYR pair he wears and swears by didn't have any padding, but this years model had a thin layer of padding. After two or three adjustments in the pool these were the best choice and will replace my mask.

Stacy Pool is heated by a warm spring, compared to Barton Springs which is fed by a cold spring that keeps it 65 degrees all year. Friday, the water was 85 degrees. Very comfortable and maybe on the warm side but I wasn't arguing swimming outdoors in March. The pool also had a smooth finish on the bottom, I guess from the layers of paint that have been applied since the 1930s.

The pool was somewhat crowded for a Friday at noon, but people were ok with doubling or trippling the 33-meter lanes. The swim felt good and I was able to keep up with my aquatic friend if not by speed, at least with distance. I finished with roughly 1600 meters, which was where I left off at the end of last season so running helped with swimming endurance. Where I couldn't keep up with the others was the flip turn. I've never been able to do one and look like one of those fish caught in the tidal current, flipping and flopping in all directions. My friend was very patient and gave me a few tips to work on in the next couple of weeks. If I can get over the urge to puke it should happen.

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