Bianchi Handlebar

I found some time this weekend to get the new handlebar mounted. It took some work as the Bianchi required a quill stem and one that would fit the oversized width of the handlebar (31.8 mm). The guys at Jack and Adam's Bicycles came through with a lightweight option, both in terms of pocketbook and physical weight. An adaptor ran through the horizontal stem. Sweet! Jack and Adam know their stuff so visit their shop online or in person if you're in town.

The aero breaks went on well, as did the new cabling. The shifters are in perfect position and are also ready to go. I'll post a photo or two after I get the bar taped up.

Workouts have been uneventful the last few days. I've done two-a-days or three-a-days and they're starting to take their toll, both on the weight and the energy felt during the workouts. By taking in fewer calories, I have less to work with and I really noticed it during a nine-mile run yesterday. Bonk from the start. I was still able to get a 42-minute 4.5 mile run on the Town Lake Trial, and took it easy for the second 4.5 loop (52 minutes). The knees felt a little strained, so I'm taking it easy on them today. Core and a light 3-mile run are planned for.

I had a BIA test at People's Pharmacy on Friday. They were doing a special with free testing for limited time so I took advantage. It seems my Taylor BIA device is 5 percentage points off, in terms of fat mass. Friday it measured 21% fat mass, while the device at People's measured 16%. Good news in terms of the real number, but it's still a little high for a distance runner. I'll give the diet a couple more days to get it down to 14% or 15% before I get back to the normal diet in prep for Freescale. Other readings came in normal, 7.2 for a Phase Angle and 59.4 for Intracellular Water.

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