Back on the Diet and Schedule Mods

The celebration, post 3M Half Marathon, is now officially over. The last couple of days I downed a cheeseburger, a cinnamon roll, several breakfast tacos and a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches. No weight harm done (still @ 160) and it felt good to let loose of the diet for two days. Now, with the Freescale Marathon three weeks away, it's back on the wagon to try and shed these five pounds that don't seem to go away. The first sixteen dropped off when I had a routine of three-a-day activities, whether it be walking, running, biking or whatever. I've decided to go back to the three-a-day schedule to try and shed the last five pounds.

I reworked the schedule to include a morning, noon and night activity. Not too much intensity these last three weeks to get injured or to torture the fitness I've already built up, but a schedule that allows the body to gain at least get another week of fitness between now and Feb. 19, weighing five pounds less.

Today was day one of the new schedule and it worked pretty well. An hour and a half of activities, broken down into half hour segments. Yoga, planks and arm resistance this morning, a three-mile run at noon, with a five minute elliptical warmup followed by leg weights. I may even have to count some calories between now and then.


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