Change of Plans on Rest Day

I know I said I was going to put the new handlebar on the Bianchi on my rest day but something else came up. Sewing. I can easily detect your smirk through this blog so keep smirks, laughs and WTFs to two seconds. Here's what happened. With the 3M Half Marathon tomorrow, I really wanted to try a new food strap. A food strap or water bottle strap is something that carries water bottles, gels, MP3 players. There's quite a variety out there to choose from. The only problem is mine isn't working for me anymore. It's functional but I think I don't need to carry water with me 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles. Instead, why not carry the Accelerade powder and mix it with the water the volunteers hand me at the water stops? I then save precious weight off my backside. That's where the sewing comes in.

I found a one-inch adjustable strap that would do the trick. The only thing was that it didn't have any holders on it. I decided to sew some 3/4-inch black elastic onto the strap so that it would accommodate 35mm film cannisters. Measuring out my Accelerade, I needed two cannisters for the Accelerade and then decided to add two more for Clif Shot Bloks. I then placed a camera case, that fits on a belt, for gloves, Carb Boom!, keys, credit cards, etc. Also, the little gel bottle was perfect for mixing the solutions of Accelerade and water.

Who knows, if it works tomorrow I might have found a second calling in sewing. I can sell them from here on the blog.

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