Thursday's Energy

Just after midnight, Thursday morning, a storm blew into Central Texas. The thunder and lightning was refreshing, as we haven't had much of it in the last six months. I decided to go downstairs, look at the radar and have myself a bowl of cereal. While eating the cereal, a red flash appeared. Lightning had struck the neighbor's tree not forty feet away. It wasn't until later in the day, that I found out the lightning had shattered the tree limb. Nothing left. Nada. Pieces strewn throughout the yard, with a couple of pieces landing on the back doorstep.



The energy transferred over to eBay. I'm savy with eBay and used it for years. However, I rarely win any of the good stuff. It's usually the computer parts that nobody wants that are eventually sent to me. However, this day was different. I had a bolt of lightning hit nearby. I found some cycling jerseys that were in the vintage category. Very cheap compared to the $75 retail price of a jersey. I put bids on four shirts, left for a meeting and hoped for the best. I scored! I won two of the four auctions buying the jerseys for $12.50 each. The energy was still flowing.

The sun appeared early in the morning and since the cold front didn't pack any gusto, the Town Lake Trail was dry by the time I arrived late afternoon. Temps were in the mid-to-upper eighties and it felt closer to summer, than spring. I'd hoped the energy of the day would've continued. What I wasn't sure about was what I had for lunch. Two fillets of blackened catfish and a bowl of seafood gumbo. It sounded great at the time, and I hadn't counted on running. Too late. I was at the trail, dressed and HR monitor ready to go. During the six mile run my body cursed me several times. At three different times my stomach felt like a blender that just kept whirling without a glass to pour into. I imagined the meat of the fish getting obsorbed pretty readily, it was the blackened seasoning that the body didn't know what to do with. It just kept blending the mess together hoping for a nutrient to obsorb and pass to the legs.

By the fifth mile, three episodes with the blender, the stomach gave up looking for nutrients and settled down. By that time the run was almost over. At least I felt good and enjoyed a little of the one-hour run. Six miles in one hour.

After the run, I decided to stop into Runtex for a Powerade and a bag of cranberry Clif Shots. Pouring that concoction onto what was left of the blackened catfish and gumbo made for an interesting mix. One that had me skip dinner and my usual glass of wine.

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