The Off Season

I was supposed to be smack in the middle of the running season, but the last four weeks of long runs didn't go as planned so it was time for an adjustment. My heart wasn't into the training necessary to complete the February Austin Marathon and do it well. It was also questionable that if I did do it, would it have had an impact on my triathlon season. I've been having fun with the weight training and giving my knees a rest so it's a done deal now. No marathon in February. Half marathons in January and February will feel good with no pressure.

So what's my training plan now? It's the off season for triathlon but I've been active. It's called the I'm-doing-whatever-I-feel-like-doing plan. It's only requirement is that I do something every day of the week. Some days it's one workout, some days it's two. Lots of weight training. Lots of cardio, except for running and trying to improve my weakspot...cycling. I'm not collecting exercise data, writing it down and rarely wearing the HRM. Just having fun and trying to give my knees a break.

Update on b.O.b. He's doing pretty good but he kept throwing the chain two miles short of home last week. I reworked the hub on the axle and reworked the spacers to try and get the chain a little straighter. That helped, but it was actually the master chain link that caused the problem. I put in a new link and it seemed fine. I rode it into work this morning and it threw the chain once on a climb. I think if I redish the wheel the alignment will be much better and b.O.b. won't have any more issues while commuting. The single speed b.O.b. will hopefully get my legs in better shape for next season.


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