Pawn Shop Bike is Finished!

A year later, Pawn Shop Bike is finished. Just about everything I wanted to do to the bike to improve it's speed and my comfort, has been bought and installed onto the bike. Most of the improvements have come from eBay, although a couple of purchases were made from Jack and Adam's Bicycles.

Here's a list of everything purchased and the new total cost of the bike.

  • Bianchi bike bought at pawn shop $69.00
  • Shimano 8 Speed Bar End Shifters $45.00
  • Spinergy Rev X Carbon 700C Rear, Shim, Tubular $75.00
  • Edge Aero Carbon Fork 700C 1 Inch Threaded $51.00
  • Shimano WH-540 front wheel and rear hub and parts $49.00
  • Nashbar Double Cranksets 53x39 $45.00 NEW
  • Saddle $40.00 NEW
  • Time Trial Brake Levers $40.00 NEW
  • Aero Bars $15.00
  • Clipless Pedals $35.00 NEW
  • Total Cost $464.00

I took the finished Pawn Shop Bike (PSB) out to the veloway yesterday to see what it could do. My computer failed so all I could base it's performance on was how many other bikes passed me or that I passed. I was passed by 0 but PSB passed 2 Specialized, 1 Fuji, 2 Cannondales, and 1 Ciocc. We couldn't find any Felts to pass. Very unscientific but promising.

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Addendum - Two days before the 2007 CapTexTri I bought a 2.8 lb., CAAD 4 Cannondale frame at Frankenbike for $35.00


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