Today's Workout

Wednesday 8/23

Phase: Base Building

Run (aerobic): 5 miles : 42:34
Splits: 07:28.5 08:59.9 09:14.0 08:22.2 08:29.9
Average Heart Rate: 147
Start time: 6:00 a.m.
Weather: 80° and 76% humidity with a heat index of 84.
Notes: Da Boys didn't wake me up again this morning. I still got up pretty early though and was out the door before sunrise. The first glitch in the day came when my HRM alarm didn't sound. As I ran a split of 8:02 yesterday, I was hoping for a 7:58 @ 136 HR. I got a 7:28 but it was at a 147 HR since the alarm didn't sound. I needed to start including some runs in the aerobic zone anyway so it's a good thing. The legs felt sluggish and since I lost a pound or two I think I didn't eat enough yesterday.

Post run swim: 2000 yards, pull/paddle
Notes: I got to the pool after the run and had the whole thing to myself. I swam a couple of laps and stopped to tighten my goggles. As I was enjoying the serene morning, the calm water, the pink and blue sunrise, I felt coarse hair and scratching at my chest. I look down to find a six-inch rat trying to find something to cling to. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I grabbed a paddle and scooped him to the pool deck. Off he ran through the grass and towards the fence. Needless to say, the entire swim I was a little freaked everytime something like a wave brushed my leg or foot.


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