Missed Opportunity But Gold Nugget Found

After an hour spin last night I had hoped to place a bid on a nice carbon fiber fork on ebay. But the schedule got knocked around and ebay wouldn't happen last night. The auction ended and the carbon fork went for $36 to some lucky cyclist. I would've been really bummed about it all but I came across a hell of a deal. Nike Free 5.0 Trainers for $39.00. Not lime green either. Black, gray and white. So I looked closely for the missing sole, or the remnants of somebody's fish chum inside. Nothing...clean.

I tried them out this morning and they're the best shoes, right out of the box, I've ever worn. They felt incredibly comfortable. I did not want to stop running. At the six-mile mark I stopped and took them off as I had to get back to the house and check on some server stuff. What a great shoe. I watched the movie Without Limits the other night. The movie chronicled the tragic, while inspiring life of 1970s runner Steve Prefontaine. Several times in the movie we saw Steve's coach, the legendary Bill Bowerman, working on custom made shoes. Shoes that would eventually become Nike. Wearing the Nike Free, it felt like the shoes that would have been custom made back in the 1970s by an elite track coach.

Three days and three great deals. I need to go out today and get a lottery ticket. The again, maybe tonight is the night to get a carbon fork.

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At 8/27/2006 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have some Nike Free's just like those. Luv them. I've almost worn them out.


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