Not Much Choice

I didn't have much choice in times to run the last couple of days with the weather. Last night it was 95° and 45% humidity at 9:00 p.m.. I decided not to run and instead do some yoga and some resistance exercises. This morning it was much cooler (77°) but the humidity was hovering around 85%. Since I didn't run last night, I did this morning and sweat like a pig.

The summer cold and it's overzealous mucous production machine finally calmed down. My head is finally clearing up and with that nicotine cravings are getting more intense. I'm working on the sixth day now and by far, this has been the most difficult day. I'll probably need to go for a bike or run to calm the cravings beast down a bit.

I've pretty much resolved that I caught the cold when my immune system was drained due to the increased stress or workload and lack of calories to feed the immune system and recharge the body. How I could miss a 15,000 calorie deficit over the course of the week is beyond me. I'm now back on FitDay in order to get a handle on the daily calories and make sure they balance with calories burned.


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