Start Back Up

I waited tonight, until the last possible minute, when I could squeeze a five-mile/60-minute run in at the track and coincide the end of the run with the sunset. It was still 91° at 7:30 p.m., but the humidity had come down so it was ok. My heart rate was jacked up from the URTI last week. I didn't take any drugs today, but I could still feel the Sudafed in my system.

I should have run in the neighborhood or on the Circle C trail where I would've been alone. Instead, it was packed tonight at the Bowie track. The eight mile-per-hour wind was a little too gusty to be launching snot rockets around the track.

This was the third day without nicotine. Only the third day in over 28 or 29 years my system has been without nicotine. It's actually going pretty good so far. There's an out-of-focus feeling that I've had since the cold. It may be due to the residual effect of the cold medications, lack of caffiene or lack of nicotine. It's a weird slow motion feeling.


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