125 Formula Needs Some Tweaking

Yesterday, when I mentioned the "125 formula," the formula that states when the numbers for temperature and humidity combine for over 125, then certain runners don't run as the conditions aren't too favorable. Yesterday, I would have agreed with the formula. Today, I'm not too sure. I think the formula needs some tweaking to take into account additional variables.

Temperature and humidity values this morning should have caused me not to run. Temperature 78°. Humidity 90%. So 78 + 90 = 168, which was greater than the 165 value yesterday. I should have felt worse today, compared to yesterday. That was not the case. A cool breeze of say five miles an hour and no sun contributed to keeping my heart rate at 136. A light rain started to fall at the start of the third mile so a true comparison was not possible. The light rain also lowered the heart rate by about six points. So heat and humidity are not the only variables that play into the equation.

I did get up early this morning, only to park my gluteus maximus in front of the TV to watch the morning programs after looking online for the temp. and humidity and deciding it was too high to run. But after T and Travis came back from a long walk and weren't drenched in sweat, saying it was cool outside, I decided to venture out.


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