Minnow Status

I'm no longer an eel. I've graduated to minnow status. The last couple of swim sessions I worked on strokes per length (SPL) of the pool. For the 25-meter pool, I kept arriving at the edge with 21 strokes or 1.19 meters per stroke. Sad, very sad I know. However, with a few drills and the help of Da Fish, I got it down to 15 SPL (1.66 meters per stroke) today. Not one length at 15, but 15 strokes over and over again. It felt more efficient, less labor intensive. Even the flip turns came a little easier today. I've moved from using the swim session for laps only to build the swimming endurance, to a more logical session of drills to improve efficiency.

The heat outside is too much to train in without substantial recovery time. Ozone Action days and triple-digit heat has confined me to early morning runs, the gym and to the pool. No outdoor long bike runs or long runs will be scheduled until the heat waves passes. That should come about the end of September. Ugh!

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