Brain Candy

From a forum on Ultra Running
"My contention is that throwing up is a sign of a major flaw in one's energy plan."

Hmmm, ya think?

60 Minutes
I watched Bode Miller on 60 Minutes last Sunday. I think I need to do more squats. Although they showed his contraption for squats, I couldn't figure it out by looking at it. I may try his two leg hurdle/squats and see how that goes. I bet it builds huge leg strength.

Peter Reid Retires
The latest issue of Triathlete Magazine covers Peter Reid's retirement from the sport of triathlon, or at least the Ironman. There's plenty of brain candy in the article, but one of the gold nuggets has to be an outline of his weekly training schedule leading up to Ironman, Kona. In short, 34.75 hours of work. This number reflects how much other athletes are training for Ironman. I can't get my head to comprehend 35 hours. I'm currently approaching nine hours per week and need it to get around twenty if I'm going to suffer less in the endurance events. There's just no way to approach 35 hours unless I went part-time or had sponsors.


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