Time Trial Tonight, Doh!

I said I would meet Da Fish at Northwest Pool this morning at 8:00. The morning swim replaced our normal mid-day swim, as the lifeguards stretched the lane dividers for 50-meter lap swimming. The water felt a little warmer than usual but was fine and the extra length of the lane was better. My new TYR Socket Rockets 2.0 Metallized worked great. Best goggles I've ever worn! I also tried my new hand paddles for most of the 1500-meter workout. I think I'll be a little sore tomorrow because of them.

Wanting to keep my run mileage up, I went for a four mile run this morning, prior to the swim. The run plus the swim would've been ok. However, I totally spazzed on my schedule. Today is the Run-Far Bike Time Trial. So it looks like I'll have a full sprint triathlon by the end of today. The only difference will be the transition times which will be hours instead of minutes.

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