New Route, New Cranks

I woke up early knowing that if I didn't get out this morning there wasn't going to be a run scheduled for today. The blistering heat would just be intolerable after 10:00 a.m.. Not wanting the usual route, I found a new one going west. Although most of the route provided sidewalk access, I chose to run on the short grass to preserve the knees. Using gmap-pedometer, the length of the run came to six miles. Click on the sunrise photo for an enlargement. It set the head right for the run.

The last remnants of the cold have all but disappeared. The run felt great and it now feels I can start ramping up the schedule again. Tomorrow has a long and slow, 11-mile run scheduled. I've been eating like a pig the last few days, trying to make sure I ingested at least 3,000 calories each day. It wasn't really eating like a pig, but 3,000 kcal per day was definitely more than what I ate each day for the last year and felt like I was over-eating. I've recently added spirulina to the diet to make sure I get some additional immune system boosts.

I've really neglected the bike as of late. Basically, I wanted to get the running base where it needed to be (50-mile week) and then I'd start layering the cycling and swimming miles back in. I think next week I can do that with the new diet and at least a 30-mile running week as a base. Plus, my new cranks came in from Nashbar today! Sooooo, there's no way I can just let them sit in the garage for a couple of weeks. Hell no, they need to be put on the bike and broken in. It looks like there will be plenty of bike-miles added to the schedule for next week.

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