May Have To Rethink BSLT

There's a strange fish swimming in the Buffalo Springs Lake. The same lake that I'm scheduled to swim in next spring for the 70.3 Ironman event. And this isn't some minnow with human-like teeth. It's a twenty pounder! And, and, and... it's not the only one. The guy caught one while he saw another. The missing fish has a $100 bounty on its head.

Before you say, "Yeah Tony, but you swim with 20-pound bass in the lake". Yes, that's true. But the bass didn't have a Wikipedia entry that stated, "... several species of South American freshwater fish that are closely related to the Piranha. They are vegetarian or omnivorous and ...." Wait! Hold on! They're not just vegetarian but also omnivorous meaning they are able to, and do consume animal protein. Or what they don't include, but that I can read between the lines, or TRIATHLETES that wander off course. Uh huh! I betcha! Time to look for another tri as I bet there's thousands of those boogers in there, just waiting for a weak, back of the pack triathlete like me to stumble off course.

Here's the full story.

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At 7/20/2006 3:39 PM, Anonymous Sharon said...

I wouldn't swim there! Your're right on about that fish. I asked our Ichthyology Collections Manager about it yesterday. She said "The fish is some sort of exotic tropical fish, probably a member of Serrasalmidae." It looks alot like Serrasalmus geryi or Geryi Piranha!!!It is aggressive and according to the following site it's best kept alone without other species present in the aquarium. DON'T GO IN THE LAKE!


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