Cap 10K Week

I should be up this week with the Cap 10K on Sunday, but recently I've been blah about working out. I jacked my knee a couple weeks back and it's still giving me fits after a run. Although I'm back on a glucosamine cycle, I've neglected my yoga for the last few weeks. Last night I did a little yoga to get back into the routine. I reduced the number of runs last week to one and only worked out about eight hours, but I ran the seven miles on the track and maybe that did it. This week I'm sticking to swimming and cycling until Sunday's race.

I guess it's the weather that's getting me blah. I was pumped to do a ride yesterday but couldn't face the 30-mph head winds. Today, it's rainy and that means the gym. I need to quit whining, suck it up and just get out there.


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