As We Age At Some Point We Should Not Jump Off Of Second Story Party Boats


That was Sunday and as soon as I did it, it felt like my right leg was pulled away from the hip. Ouch! It wasn't like I was trying He Chong the dive or anything. It just shows that as we age body parts work differently than they did before.

With the hip business going on, I tried to run on Tuesday and got about 20 feet before turning around, went back into the house and grabbed my swim gear. Outside of no runs, all the other workouts have been the same.

The neighborhood pool has been filthy the last two Tuesdays, which is the day after the cleaning, so I don't know who's dropping the ball there. I couldn't even get into the pool this morning as my access card wouldn't work. Maybe they cut my access for complaining about the filth. I might have to go to plan b and swim at another pool for the rest of the season.

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Just Found

I just found this gold nugget of information.

"Since muscles which go through growth in size but not in length, when one muscle grows through hypertrophy its opposite side muscle (the antagonist) will have to lengthen, and absolute flexibility is the term to describe a muscle's length, in and of itself, where relative flexibility is the flexibility of a joint, as compared to its antagonistic movement[1]."

"For example, the calf muscle extends the foot towards the ground (plantarflexion) and the shin muscle flexes the foot in the opposite direction (dorsiflexion). If a person's calf is overly strong it will not be as flexible as the opposite shin muscle, and plantarflexion will be exhibit relatively inflexible as compared to dorsiflexion using the person's weaker, but more flexible shin muscle."

So as I've been strengthening the calf muscles, I've been increasing the likelihood of plantar fasciitis. I either have to increase the strength of the shin, or reduce the strength work of the calves.

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Still Learning

Long time, no post.

I was sick for a week and I've had plantar fasciitis since April. I finally licked the PF with some new Dr. Scholl's Heel Pain Relief Orthotics. I've been transferring the one pair of orthotics to each pair of shoes I wear so they're constantly with me. They have made a huge improvement in the PF pain. It's almost non-existent at this point.

When I looked back I had quit wearing my orthotics in the spring when I got some new shoes. In the new two or three pair I received, I didn't place orthotics in the heal and subsequently felt intense heel pain. I blamed it on one 10K I ran on hard roads and not on removing orthotics from the shoes.

The pool's chemicals were jacked up the day before I got sick. It didn't help that I had almost no sleep the night before and woke to do a swim, bike and run to exhaustion. I didn't get the flu but a bad sinus infection where I'm still slingin ' snot rockets as I run. I think most people just call it "The Crud."

Outside of the congestion, training got back to a serious level last week. I don't think I'll be ready for a Sept. 1 Olympic, but I just may be ready for the Oct. 5 Half Ironman, here in Austin.

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