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The month of indulgence is officially over. This past month I took off from running to do two things; take a break from the past 11 months of training and two, allow my plantar fasciitis to heal. The foot pain has come a long way but is not completely healed. I think it turned into a form of tendonitis along the way as I was compensating for the plantar fasciitis. Ice has helped immensely. I put ice packs on the bottom of the foot three or four times per day and it was amazing how much it helped. I used ice for my shoulder after pitching oh so long ago but never applied it to the tendons in the foot or associated with it with running. It makes sense though.

I've put on an additional seven pounds the last few weeks. It could have been worse, much worse. I still ate good meals and no junk food--well occasional junk food cravings were allowed. After all, it's indulgence month, but I ate a few salads and went low-cal on several meals. I think I would have been even if it hadn't been such a drastic drop in cardio workouts.

I packed my running clothes for an afternoon run. The weather should be great. Something around 60 degrees and sunny with low humidity.

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