Thai Soup (Neua Tun)

Nothing like a little pho soup to give the immune system a kick in the pants. But yesterday I changed from my traditional Vietnamese Pho Soup to a Thai soup called Neua Tun. A little thicker broth, but other than that it was just like my beef pho soup. Mmmmmmm. I could just feel the germs retreating in fear.

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The Germs Are Everywhere

I had to go get K at school right before my noon workout today. The school nurse called and said she was sick and needed to go home. Half of her class is out with a bug, the bug or some combination of bug, cold, flu, or allergies. A lot of sneezing going on in our 30' x 30' office. Boxes of Kleenex sitting next to each one. ARGH! This is what happened in 2006 and I got the flu ten days out from the marathon. It's time to start downing the Emergen-C product Immune Defense and plan on sleeping on the couch. I've invested four months of training and it's so close to not take precuations.

I read last night that getting to mile 20 is half the race. I'd disagree and change to the starting line is the half way mark. Too much injury-wise or health-wise can screw up getting to that starting line. Then the 20 mile mark is 75% done. It's the last 6.2 miles that takes up the last 25% of the race.

The legs feel great. Actually, they feel better than ever before I can remember when running. I'm working on the mental aspect of the race now. Short mantras, running in unfavorable weather and running past the feel-good point is helping.

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Spirit of the Marathon

I went to see Spirit of the Marathon last week and wasn't disappointed at all. It's a great documentary to see if you're a marathoner or a significant other of a endurance athlete. The movie followed six athletes, from beginner to elite, as they prepared for the 2006 Chicago Marathon (the one that didn't blow up). It was very interesting to see others point of view on training, eating, nervousness. I especially like to watch the Kenyans running. When I've seen them on the trails I thought they all used the same basic form but in the movie it was apparent they were different. At least the Kenyans in the movie were. If you didn't get a chance to see the movie, there will be another showing in February.

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Let's See....Uh..No!

I received an email this morning from the triathlon race directors from the race that was cancelled last year. It's been almost a year since the cancellation of the spring event and this is the first I've heard from them. They have offered a discount to this year's event and planned for a rain date. I was intrigued. A little late but I wanted to find out how much of a discount for athlete's that payed the money only to not be able to race and not hear where the money went. Did the race beneficiary get their money?

It looked like the fees were more than last year. I checked the discount versus the regular price and it's a mere $20 discount. Wow, why bother. The regular fee is $120 and the discounted fee is $100. Big deal. And the price is really high for not being an Ironman distance or Ironman event.

I Googled other events in the area and found a few that are around $50. Half the cost. I think I'll be skipping the expensive spring race and adjust the schedule to find another one for half the cost. I'll put my money in support of the events that are a little more communicative with their athletes, support worthwhile causes and put on a kick-ass race.

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No Damage Done

I was dreading what the holidays could do to my weight and eventually to my race weight come Feb. 9 but even though there were quite a few parties and each one had an extended buffet line, the damage was kept to a minimum. Same weight going in as coming out of the holiday season. The bad news was there was no progress to get down to race weight. Given the buffets, I'll take breaking even.

Here's a summary of a few things that have happened since mid-December.

  • I've banned margaritas and mexican martinis from the house, the neighborhood, and south of the river until the day after the race.
  • It's a good thing that I've entered long runs of 20 miles the past few weeks or the added weight would've been depressing.
  • Pretzels and Twizzlers have worked on three, 20-mile runs so I can bank on them working for the marathon.
  • While it sounds good to wear light weight Nike Frees for 26.2 miles, they caused four large blisters and caused my calves and quads to cramp by mile 16 of the last 20-mile run.
  • When the temperature is above 70 degrees and the mileage to run exceeds 15 miles, electrolyte replacement (more than pretzels) is required.
  • Not icing the legs in cold water adds another day to recovery after a 20-mile run.
  • Not massaging the legs post race adds another day of recovery after a 20-mile run.
  • Cycling the day after a long run is a must.

Besides coordination of some Austin Marathon logistics, this spring I'll be coordinating the 5K training program where I've been a coach for the past two years. Add onto that the coordination of the 10K program as well, which started today with a different location and different employees. Things got so busy this past week I missed three workouts in a row which then got me a little bitchy. Not too bad as last weeks 20-mile run, although not run in the proper shoes, was completed without coughing up a lung or having cramps. It felt the legs were good for Feb. 9.

There might be an additional training program or two. I went to a luncheon today where there was discussion of recruiting some of our employees to run a certain fall marathon and half-marathon. This could turn into a full-time job, just coordinating these things.

This week is a recovery week of sorts with a 15-mile long run this weekend and then next week finishes the last of the long weeks and then a slow taper towards the race. I've decided to bypass the 3M Half Marathon this year. I think it's too close to the marathon on Feb. 9 and I'd want to run it as an A-race and try and PR which could be bad for the marathon. It's better to bypass it and come back to it later next year.

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