The new image up above came from my commute in last week. It's taken from a section of the Shoal Creek trail, underneath one of the bridges. You can smell and hear the bats living within the bridge's crevasses as you pass through. For over a year I missed this section as I took another route past retail shops, hopping back and forth onto the sidewalk, depending on the traffic and the temperament of myself and the drivers. I no longer go that route, instead trading it for the Shoal Creek trail.

As Poi Dog Pondering said in their song, The Ancient Egyptians, " get to know things better when they go by slow."

Point in fact... swami bike man. I call him that as he rides with his arms extended over his head and his hands together in prayer position. I have yet to see swami bike man lower his arms. I mean he has to when he gets to an intersection. Right?

I also found myself crossing paths on my commute with thong bike man. The guy had nothing on but a thong. He walked his bike across the intersection. I knew that's what you wanted to know. Right? Heh heh.

I'm really getting to enjoy the Tour this year. It's definitely easier with Versus showing the stage thee times per day. Yesterday's L’Alpe d’Huez was absolutely everything it should've been. And best yet, was no news of drugs during the day.

I finally got my time trial time back to what it was at the end of last year. To the tenth of a second I tied my best Tuesday night. I just bought a Limar Crono Time-trial carbon helmet a few days before the race on eBay. I'm sure it helped to reduce the time but there was also a ten mph head wind coming back the last four miles of the course. So I cut a minute off the front four miles and gained a minute, ten seconds on the way back. And it was also 100 degrees at the time. So the conditions weren't the same as a few weeks ago to really get a gauge of whether I'm faster or the helmet made me faster.

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Dara Torres

What a great article in the NY Times this past weekend. It's about the 41-year old swimmer, Dara Torres that's competing for a spot on the Olympic Swim Team. There are little gold nuggets of information throughout the article plus a stretching video with some new ones in there.

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Mornings Are Fresh

Changing over to the morning run wasn't easy. I got into waking up early last year but for some reason, this year I like sleeping later. So if I had any doubts about it, today the air in Austin will be more polluted by the afternoon. Not only that, the CNN broadcast this morning had a report about how many of the sunscreen products got failing grades. Mine was one of those listed. Ug! So in the wee hours of the morning the air is cleaner, the UV is less or non-existant, the pool water is cleaner and the temperature is cooler. All will be well once I embrace 4:30 AM once again.

From Bicycling Magazine's August Issue, "According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, as many as 64,000 people a year in the United States die prematurely of causes that are related to air pollution. One of my neighbors passed a week ago. He was 71 and cycled every day for a couple of hours. The autopsy showed high levels of pollution in his lungs. I guess cycling in the middle of the day is a bad idea.

I have to get into the habit of looking at the pollution levels as I have been with temperature and humidity. it just makes sense.