Seeing the images of destruction from Hurricane Ike are a little too much to handle. Surfside Beach, where I ran my last marathon looks devastated. I hope the marathon organizers have a beach to work with for next year's race. It was such a cool event.


All My Bikes Are Trashed

I finally finished stripping the paint from the frame I bought for $30. After all the Dremel Tool buffers and brushes I used, I could've had the thing sandblasted cheaper and I woul've kept a lot of crap out of my lungs. Not only that, as pieces of wire brush came off the bit, they eventually wound up in the bottom of my foot as I walked across the garage for my beer.

The bikes are all taken apart as I'm rebuilding the fixed gear up from the frame up, taking parts from each of the bikes and then will reassemble them with what works best for each.

The half ironman triathlon is looking real iffy at this point. The hip is taking longer to get well, as is the plantar fasciitis. The knee has healed up but my workouts have been less than required preparing for a half ironman with mom in the hospital. I've also strayed away from my diet and so the planned ten pounds of weight loss came off and has since reappeared in the last week eating in the cafeteria.

With that said, the best thing may be to plan for a season of half marathons and let this triathlon and bike time trial season go.

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