GYGO New Year's Day Triathlon Race Report

I waited until the temperature reached 50 degrees outside to get started. The great thing about the GYGO Virtual Traithlon was that I could set the start time. I could also change the venue and I did. Instead of swimming in Barton Springs and 68 degree water, I decided to drop by the warmer waters of Stacey Pool. It was open so I ditched the wetsuit into the backseat of the car and went in to do some laps. The temperature outside was 50 degrees so it was a little chilly. Even more so when I got out of the water with a ten mile-per-hour wind. I was stiff as a board. I could really tell I've been lifting and not swimming or doing a lot of cardio lately. I felt like a turtle in the water, even the times were ok.

I also decided to change the venue for the bike. Since I wasn't going to have any SAG vehicles or crew, I decided to transition out of the house. Therefore, I switched the bike route to south Mopac and the veloway and I changed the run to the Bowie High School track.

It felt great getting out on Jan. 1. It felt a little cool outside but not bad. I'm sure it felt better than others had to tolerate up north. Thanks go to Iron Wil and Kahuna for putting this virtual event together. It seemed to gather at least 50 triathletes worldwide. So one day into the new year and I have a sprint triathlon under my belt. Very cool!

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