First Poll Results - Tour de Cure

My people (Tour de Cure donors) have spoken. The first survey results point to 75 miles of cycling this week. Seen as it's Thursday and my week runs through Sunday, I decided to knock off a few of them. I haven't been slacking this week [log]. Twelve miles of running and a couple of miles swimming plus work on the core. Today, I cycled through sixteen miles so I have 59 more between now and Sunday.

Lots of riders out on Mopac today. Nothing special about the ride. Average 18mph for the Mopac time trial route. I did get the bike up to 30.4mph during one stretch so that's better and no blown tubes. I did see a couple of riders with flats.

On my rides, I've really enjoyed my gloves. Early this season, I tried on several pairs of cycling gloves at the bike shop and none of them fit great for the price. What did fit and was nice for the price was a pair of Harbinger weight lifting gloves. Just like the cycling gloves, without padding though, for $6.00. I knew after replacing my running shoe insoles that gels were readily available for the padding, so I bought the gloves and placed some gels into the palm area. Specifically, Heal My Heels by Airplus. Ahhhhh, there's nothing like gel on the rump, the heels and now on the hands.

Tour de Cure Update - It looks like we have a couple more riders for the ride. The total's now up to six. Tomorrow, watch the site for the next survey, which will cover what I eat and drink next week. Remember, make a donation and you get to vote.

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