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Every few months there's an article that changes the way I train or is a piece of equipment that will make training so much more effective. The heart rate monitor was one of those pieces of equipment, the 100-lap chrono watch was another. Last night I read about John Cobb's bike fitting expertise. Luckily, the author included photographs of himself on his bike that was worth 10,000 words. See, I've listened to podcast after podcast where they recommend getting a bike fitting. However, there's only so much you can do with audio.

Before reading this article, I had looked at various photographs in trathlon magazines and gathered the angles as best I could. The article put it into perspective and made adjusting the bike much easier and more accurate. The result...more power. How much you say? Two-to-three miles an hour on the veloway this evening. So rather than the 15-18 I normally see, I saw readings of 18-22 on the same track, under pretty much the same conditions as the last few times I've been at the veloway.

The adjustments included raising the handlebars about an inch, moving the seat forward, and flattening out the aero-bars so that they were parallel with the ground. Minor adjustments, but they transferred into more power, more speed and more comfort.

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