Signed up for the Tour de Cure

Signed up for the Tour de Cure this morning. Seton's a sponsor of the event and already has a team started called the Seton Scrubs. There are Tour de Cure cycling events happening all over the country. The two in Central Texas happen on the weekend of May 20 & 21. Saturday, May 20 the event starts in San Antonio and ends in San Marcus. The riders stay overnight if they want to at the Texas State University and then the next morning ride to Austin. I signed up for this leg of the ride, 80 miles from San Marcos up to Austin.

The last time I did a century ride my butt wasn't the same for two years. Check that. It has never returned to normal. I think this time it'll be different. I did the last ride on a cheap mountain bike. This time I'll be on my modified bike. I just got an email that my new cassette, won on eBay, has been shipped. It should arrive any day and that'll improve the back end of the bike.

The Tour de Cure is a sponsorship ride, meaning I need to gather donations for the cause. If you'd like to donate, you can do so here.

Obviously, an 80-mile cycling event will involve some time in the saddle. Definitely more than the one hour per sessions I'm currently training at. In seven weeks I need to ramp up to at least four hour sessions.

Yesterday's workout included a 2K swim. Went well. Today's included a morning 45-minute core routine and a 45-minute bike ride at lunch.

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