Time Trial Tuesday - July 2007

I almost forgot about the Run-Far time trial tonight. Work piled up and I had a video to download and edit and just happened to glance at the calendar. It hasn't been a normal summer here in Austin and we weren't even close to our normal 100-degree temperature for this time of year. In fact, it was another day of rain that started this morning during my swim. The rain cooled everything off for the day and it never had time to get too steamy. The rain did make for some heavy humidity though.

The unofficial time was 22:29 for a new PR by about 18 seconds. I wanted a little better time but the bottom bracket may need to be looked at. It was grinding the whole ride. No telling whether it slowed anything down or not. It may just need some lube.

I was wondering why my shoulder and knee were creaking and remembered that I hadn't taken any glucosamine in over a month so I'm back to taking that daily. I'm also back to NUUN for hot weather workouts and Accelerade after all workouts. So far just these three products, along with rest and eating regularly have had me ready for the next workout refreshed and no headaches or body aches to speak of.

I still need more time to digest the Tour every day.

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