New Program - Saturday, Sunday

Not much to explain for the weekend workouts. A long swim or technical swim and a long bike. Yoga is also incorporated where it can fit into the weekend schedule.

I picked up a Homedics massager over the weekend. It hurt me sooo good. My calves were stressed and sore for the last week and the old massager wasn't doing the job to loosen the tendons. This new massager works great. It really pounds the crap out my legs.

I was able to get downtown for the ATT Crits, running all day and tied to the Keep Austin Weird Festival. The 35+ crit was motorin' around the four square blocks or .52-mile course in about 1:14 for an average lap or going 25.36 mph. They did this for an hour. The pros later in the evening had an average lap time of 58 seconds or 32.5 mph.

The location of the crit on Second Street with the new cafes and lofts felt like another place, not Austin.

It seems though if I'm going to get into this type of riding, I'll need to build another bike. :)

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