Whew! Sugar Week Is Over

Sugar Week was over as of midnight last night. For those of you who are new to my blog, my Tour de Cure donors vote each week on various blog polls pertaining to my training, leading up to the Tour de Cure, May 21. Last week's poll covered what I was to eat last week. Eat more sugar, sweets and gain a few pounds won out.

Listening to my donors, I poured it on. Well, pour is not the word, more like endulged my sweet tooth both weekends. I started the week with a chocolate mousse cake and ended it with cooking some gooey cinnamon buns and a key lime cheesecake. The result...four-to-five additional pounds today.

Those added pounds made me very sluggish the last couple of days. Exercise motiviation hit an all-time low. I didn't feel like running this morning, even though the weather was incredible, one of those handful of Austin mornings where the humidity was low and the cool breeze was blowing. OK, it's done. Sugar Week is over. Mission accomplished, more pounds. Now it's time to get the motivation back and hit the trail or the road.

This week is Tour de Cure Week, with the 80-mile ride happening Sunday. The current poll has me wearing Seton, misty green scrubs for the ride. There's still time to vote.


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