75 Miles Completed

I ramped up the workout schedule to get the 75 cycling miles in last week. Total miles for the week came out to 91.9 over 11.2 hours. I can feel it today, even with a rest day yesterday. The knees creak more and I'm sore in different places. The run this morning felt terrible for the first mile, but then felt fine after that. My heart rate came in five beats higher than last week. I attribute all of this to two things. First, it's been storming here in Austin every night for the past week. Getting up to check on the trees and house with the hail and wind broke my sleep pattern so I probably missed out on a sleep cycle each night. The second contributor was the increased hours and mileage built into last week's schedule.

This morning, the poll is all tied up. Half of the folks want me to eat more sugar. The other half want me to continue with the same diet. So unless someone breaks the tie, I guess I'll eat the same thing, but with a little more sugar. There's a chocolate cake in the refrigerator that I could be persuaded to take a few bites of. Also, an extra glass of wine would surely make my muscles feel better.

Frankenbike was a success. The rain almost cancelled the whole thing, but five or six people braved the weather and emptied their truck beds with loads of cycling gear for sale. I was able to pick up some new cycling shoes for $10 and a used light weight time-trial handlebar for $5.00. S-W-E-E-T!

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