Surfside Beach Marathon Race Report

It's been over a week and the race report is not finished. I don't know if it'll ever get finished. I don't have much enthusiasm to finish it. I can sum up the race in that it was great for the knees and ankles, bad for the quads and it may have been great for the quads if it hadn't been so hot. Either my stomach shut down, it was too hot and I underestimated the amount of fluids to take in or I'm just not cut out to go 26.2 miles in a short amount of time.

This was supposed to be my last marathon. I'm not saying never again but I will be looking at shorter running races this year and specifically in the ten-mile or half marathon length course. The marathon monster spirit may get into my head again but it's gone for now.

I worked the medical tent of the AT&T Austin Marathon yesterday and seeing the battered and fatigued marathoners just reinforced my decision to go with shorter distances from now on.

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