VitaMinder Drink Mixer

I've come across another product worth purchasing. It's the VitaMinder Drink Mixer and let me tell you it's right up there with velcro in my book as inventions go. For the last couple of months I've been mixing my protein powder and milk, as well as Accelerade and water in plastic cartons, shaken until what I thought was the time required to dissolve the powders. If I had a blender, I'd use that but it also required more than simple rinsing to clean up. The shaking method required clean up and more often than not, the powders never really dissolved 100%. Powder first, liquid second was the worst. Half liquid, add powder, shake, add more liquid seemed to work but not all that great.

Then the VitaMinder Drink Mixer jumped off the shelf at Central Market into my basket and my chunky, non-dissolved protein drink days were over. This thing cranks up some serious RPMs when it gets going. So much so that the end of the plastic stirring attachment gets deformed when turned on. It mixes the powder into the liquid in no time. I don't use the term awesome much but this product is AWESOME. Like I said, right up there with velcro.

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