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I got through a ten-mile run yesterday. Everything felt fine except for the knees. I couldn't ice them down and I'm trying to stay away from the ibuprofen NSAIDs. I've heard mixed results from studies on Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM. Most have said there are no side effects from taking the supplements, contrary to the NSAIDs. From the review, it seems the argument boils down to whether the supplements can grow new cartilage. GluChonMSM does seem to prevent further wear with age. Runner's endorsements of the supplements, in a non-advertising sponsorship way, have appeared throughout the running literature.

I stopped by Central Market and picked up a bottle of 60 capsules. Since it takes about four weeks to notice the improvement, I'll be on my second bottle before I can report back anything. I also picked up a bottle of the Fish Oil softgels, the brand made from cold-water fish which doesn't contain the mercury, PCBs and lead the warm-water fish contain.

So my list of daily dietary and supplemental foods and minerals at this point are;

  • Emer'gen-C powder vitamin and mineral supplement
  • NOW Glucosamine & MSM with Chondroitin Sulfate capsule
  • Fish Oil Omega 3 softgels
  • Now Selenium 100 mcg
  • Now Zinc 50 mg
  • Eclectic Institute Ginkgo 500 mg
  • NOW Co-Q-10
After Running
  • Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak


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